5 Steps to Becoming an EGGDROP Franchisee

  1. 01 Request

    Fill out an inquiry that will
    prompt a member of our
    Global Franchise Team to
    reach out to you and
    provide key franchise

  2. 02 Search for a Location
    and Complete the
    Franchise Application

    After you have searched
    for a potential location and
    completed the franchise
    application, submit the
    completed application with
    the location information to
    our Global Franchise Team.

  3. 03 Sign the
    Franchise Agreement

    Once you have signed the
    Franchise Agreement and
    remitted the Franchise Fee,
    you may sign the location
    lease and start construction.

  4. 04 Store

    Attend the store training
    at our Korea Headquarters
    that will prepare you
    to open and operate your store.

  5. 05 EGGDROP
    Grand Opening

    Work with our HQ teams to
    schedule your store grand
    opening, plan out on-site
    training, and prepare