Egg Markes Better Enhance Your Daily Life with EGGDROP

EGGDROP, a premium egg sandwich brand,
uses the highest quality ingredients
to create the perfect sandwich.

Within stores inspired by the American diner,
EGGDROP creates nutritious sandwiches with
scrambled eggs to create a healthy and delicious meal.

Healthy, tasty food
Balance of nutrition with using only
premium, non-antibiotic eggs
Brioche baked with high-quality butter
Balance in nutrition
Tasty food at an affordable price
Strict quality management
and a creative menu
Strict quality management of taste
and cooking methods
Delicious scrambled eggs
Irresistible special sauces
American diner inspired interior
A space that creates a modern,
metropolitan atmosphere
Concentrated on design through
the signature design of stores and
menu packaging


This represents the image of eggs with infinite possibilities.

Tagline Lockup

Color Palette

EGGDROP is designed with black and white plaid pattern.
Each product is designed to be identifiable with a unique color.

Eggshell White
City Black
Drop Red
City Grid
American Ham Cheese
Bacon Double Cheese
 Ham & Cheese French Toast
Avo Holic
Teriyaki BBQ
Garlic Bacon Cheese
 Bacon Deep Cheese Bun