Eggdrop enters overseas markets from the following year

Eggdrop, a sandwich specialty franchise, announced on the 21st that it will enter the overseas market in earnest based on the growth of the domestic market.

According to the store sales data released by Eggdrop, Eggdrop posted 38.5 billion won in sales in the first half of this year. From July to November, the second half of the year, the total sales of franchisees are expected to exceed the sales in the first half and grow by at least 10%, Eggdrop estimated. Converted to annual sales, it is 85 billion won (estimated amount).

Eggdrop cited the fact that it became closer to consumers through marketing activities such as product launches and package design using characters as a factor in the sales market.

Eggdrop plans to accelerate its entry into overseas markets next year based on its brand recognition in the domestic market. Recently, he visited the United States, China, and Southeast Asian countries and completed local market research, and is taking legal action by finding cases where Eggdrop's trademark rights or menus were stolen in those countries.

In particular, Eggdrop formally applied for a trademark in 2018 for the purpose of conducting business in China. As a result, Eggdrop was granted trademark rights until 2029.

However, since last year, cases of unauthorized use of our trademark without permission from Eggdrop have been discovered in China. Some companies have even been found to recruit franchisees by presenting forged documents stating that they have received permission to recruit franchisees from Eggdrop. In response, Eggdrop immediately filed a lawsuit with the People's Court of China, and recently won a verdict from the local court.

An egg drop official said, "With the recent popularity of Hallyu culture around the world, the use of egg drop is increasing as egg drop has become a hot topic as a synonym for K-sandwich." We plan to crack down on cases of unauthorized theft and take legal action,” he said.